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Introduction and History


The Tabin Wild Life Reserve was established in 1984 with the aim to protect endangered wildlife. The 120,000 ha reserve is an important breeding ground for the wild life which is threatened by logging activities and also serves as a habitat for animals from nearby plantations. Tabin is a haven for both wildlife and humans alike as the reserve is serene and spectacular from the mighty dipterocarp trees to the mysterious swamps.




Tabin was originally registered as ‘Silabukan and Lumerau’ Forest Reserve in the 1950's. A big part of the Tabin Reserve consists of secondary forests, especially in the selected logging areas in the lower parts. However, there are untouched jungles in certain parts of the Reserve. Oil palm plantations border the Reserve except for the north-east region, which leads to the mighty Segama River.   




In Malaysia, under the Wildlife Conservation Enactment of 1997, protected areas are categorized into 3 types. The first type is the Conservation Areas which aim for adaptable, flexible and quick protection of wild life and their habitats. The second, Wildlife Sanctuaries, is the most effective and reliable in protecting plants, animals and their habitats along with genetic resources. Lastly, the Wildlife Hunting Areas are areas where animal population is controlled through regulated hunting.


According to the Forest Enactment of 1968, there are seven classes of forest reserves with each class having different purposes. Tabin Wild Life Reserve is a class VII reserve gazette for wildlife protection.




Flora and Fauna


Tabin is a haven for both wildlife and nature-enthusiasts. Once in the midst of the jungles of Tabin, you can soak in the sights and sounds of nature at its best. Wake up to the shrill calls of the ‘wak’wak’ or gibbons. There are also the mighty and majestic Orangutans, the Men of the Jungle, with their lustrous red fur. Catch a glimpse of the flying squirrels gliding from tree to tree while listening to the piercing sound of cicadas mating. For bird-watchers, Tabin is a fantastic place for bird-spotting as there are so many different species of birds including all the 7 of Sabah’s Hornbills species and the Crested Serpent Eagle.




A hike into the forest is a must if you want to enjoy the unique tropical wildlife. The bearded pig often leaves tell-tales holes in the jungle floor.




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