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Tanjung Aling

Follow the coastal trail via Sungai Tukun with trail 1A-1B-1C; it will take about 30 minutes to reach Tanjung Aling from Teluk Bahang.

Tanjung Aling houses the USM research centre and the forest and coastal areas are being used for research on bio-technology. There is a jetty to bring in supplies from town. The beach is easily accessible and it is a suitable camping site for campers. It is also a resting place for visitors enroute to Muka Head (Teluk Duyung).

Teluk Duyung (Muka Head)

You can walk or take a boat (only during high tide) to Teluk Duyung. You can reach Teluk Duyung about one and half hours from Teluk Bahang by using trail 1A-1B-1C-1D. Teluk Duyung is a beautiful bay protected by the Muka Head's cape.

On Head's peak stands a majestic lighthouse built in 1883. A burial ground of at least 80 years resembles that of Indonesian Acheh and is an interesting historical artifact. The lighthouse peak offers a panoramic view of the surrounding islands.

Teluk Ketapang

A small isolated beach originally known as Monkey Beach. “Teluk Ketapang” is derived from the numerous sea almond trees known locally as Pokok Ketapang. This isolated beach can be easily accessed by boat from Teluk Bahang jetty; alternatively you can try trail 1A-1B-1C-1D-2.


Pantai Kerachut

The meromictic lake is the greatest attraction here. It is a popular picnic and camping site and famous turtle hatchery. Pantai Kerachut is the only beach where the Green Sea Turtle “Chelonia mydas” can be spotted. It is believed that the Green Turtle only migrates here for nesting.

From End of the World, follow the track along the coast until you cross a suspension bridge. Take the path on the left that leads away from the coast, or just use1A-6A-6B-6C/6D/6E. You should be able to reach Pantai Keracut in one hour and a half.

Teluk Kampi

Teluk Kampi has the longest beach in the park. There are many artifacts and past history. The tell-tale signs of trenches found along the northern coast indicates a defense post for the Japanese Army during World War 2. Teluk Kampi is another isolated beach that guarantees an easy and relaxing trip.

The most common trail is the one from Pantai Kerachut over Tanjung Kerachut and down to Teluk Kampi using trail 1A-6A-6B-6D-6E-8A-8B-8C.


Pantai Mas

Pantai Mas is a golden beach. Formally a coconut plantation, it is now an overgrown wasteland. Being very close to civilization, mud and mangroves create a wilderness few people would like to go to. The difficulty in accessing Pantai Mas by sea could be the reason why dwellers abandoned their homes here.

Accessing Pantai Mas with fishing boats is only available during high tides. Alternative access is through the trails from United Hokkien Cemetery or the longer ridge trail starting from Teluk Bahang. The easier walking trail will be from Pantai Acheh village. It will take about 45 minutes, trail indication is 15A-15B-15C.

Bukit Telaga Batu

The highest point is Batu Itam at 1500 feet on the southern flank of the Park. Bukit Telaga Batu is about 1100 feet.

Getting there and away

From Georgetown, use the northern coastal road passing through Tanjung Tokong, Tanjung Bungah at Batu Fringghi and Teluk Bahang town. You can start the entire major National Park trail system from Teluk Bahang.

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