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Sulawesi Island Birding Tours


Duration  :  12 Days / 11 Nights
Location  :  Lore Lindu National Park (Central Sulawesi), Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Minahasa Highland (North Sulawesi)

Type of Accommodation : Hotel, Homestay, Resort.
Type of Transportation  :  Minibus,4 Wheel Drive/Jeep.
Starting Point : Palu (capital provincial of Central Sulawesi).
Ending Point : Manado (Capital provincial of North Sulawesi).


Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher (Endemic To Sulawesi)

    Day 01 : You arrival at Mutiara airport Palu,meeting service,transfer to
    Lore Lindu     National Park,it takes 3-4 hour    drive.Birding along the way.
    Night at Sendy Homestay near park.
    (Lunch and Dinner included)
    Day 02 : Birding at Lore Lindu National Park.
    Drive along on logging road to Anaso track. We will bird on highland forest    for
    seeing mountain species such as; Purple-beerded Beeeater,Golden-mantled
    Racquet-tail,Yellow-breasted Racquet-tail,Geomalia,Red-eared    Fruit-dove,Sombre Pigeon, Great     

    Shortwing, Sulawesi   Serpent Eagle, Pygmy Cuckoo-shrike. (all endemic species of Sulawesi).
    (Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).
    Day 03 : Birding at Lore Lindu NP.
    We still birding along Anaso track,We should see tiny birds and with
    pleasant songs,Sulawesi Babbler,Lesser Honeyeater,Yellow-flanked
    Whistler,Grey and Yellow- sided Flowerpecker,Mountain White- eye,Dark
    eyes,Rufous-throated Flycatcher,etc.
    (Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).

Day  04 :  Birding at Lore Lindu NP.
We will bird along main road down to Danau Kalimpa'a for seeing other endemic species;Sulawesi Mountain Thrush,Piping Crow,White-necked Myna,Crested Myna,Fiery-browed Myna,Ashy Woodpecker,Red-knobbed Hornbill,Ornate Lorikeet,Purple-winged Roller,Sulawesi Cicadabird,Caerulean Cuckoo-shrike,White-billed Imperial Pigeon,Sulawesi Goshawk,Small nad Large Hanging Parrot,etc.
(Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).
    Day 05 : Birding at Lore Lindu NP.
    We would try again birding along Anaso track,just in case to see the birds
    that have not seen yet,drive slowly down to Napu valley.We should see common
    birds; Purple Heron,Little Egret,Chestnut Munia,Spotted Castrol,Glossy
    Swiftlet,Lesser coucal,Short-tailed Starling.etc.
    (Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).
    Day 06 : Lore Lindu NP-Palu.
    Still birding along the main road,drive slowly down to Palu valley,Check-in
    Palu Golden Hotel,
    Night birding to identify owls.
    (Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).
    Day 07 : Palu/Pakuli.
    We will drive early morning to the west of National Park(Pakuli village),is
    a place where we can see Maleo bird and its nesting ground,its egg four
    times bigger than hen's egg.We may also see Barred
    Button-Quail,Purple-winged Roller,with luck,Minahasa Masked Owl.
    Return to the hotel for overnight,
    (Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).
    Day 08 : Palu-Manado(via Makassar)-Tangkoko Nature Reserve.
    We will travel by Air to Manado,onwards drive to Tangkoko Nature
    Reserve.Afternoon birding,at the same time We can see a small mammal on
    earth(Tarsius) and a group black monkey Sulawesi(Macaca nigra).
    Night at Mama Roos Homestay.
    (Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).
    Day 09 : Birding at Tangkoko NR.
    We will arise early this morning for seeing endemic species such as:
    Red-backed Thrush,Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher,Green-backed
    Kingfisher,Lilac-cheecked Kingsher,Blue-breasted Pitta,Sulawesi Black
    Pigeon,Sulawesi Scops Owl,etc.
    (Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).
    Day 10 : Tangkoko NR-Tomohon.
Still birding in the park,We should see Emerald Dove,Stephan Dove,Philipine Scrubfowl,Rudy Kingfisher,Silver-tipped Imperial Pigeon,Sooted-headed Bulbul.
The trip continues driving to Minahasa highland,birding at Tondano lake(Shore birds)
Nigh at Gardenia Resort,Tomohon.
(Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).
    Day 11 : Tomohon-Manado.
    We will bird early morning along logging road to the volcanic
    mountain(Mt.Mahawu),We may see Superb Fruit Dove,Scarlet
    Honey-eater,Sunbird,Island-verditer Flycatcher,Black-naped Oriole,Sulphur
    -vented Whistler,Grey and Yellow- sided Flowerpecker,Blue-faced
    Parrot-finch,Barred Rail,Buff-banded Rail,Yellow Wegtail,Black Kite,Brown
    Cuckoo Dove,Rusty-breasted Cuckoo,Blue-breasted Quail,etc.
    After having lunch drive down to Manado,check-in    Ritzy hotel near the city.
    (Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).
    Day 12 : Manado-Airport.
    Transfer to the airport for next destination by Airlines away out of Sulawesi.

The End of Tour

Contacts Us

Transport,Accommodation,3 Meals per day(Food+Logistic),Donation+permit for the park, Local English Speaking Bird Guide. Domestic Airlines Ticket, Jakarta-Palu(Via Makassar),Palu-Manado(via Makassar) can be arrange.
Does not included:
Extra beverages in the hotel,personal Expenses(Soft drinks/Alcoholic drinks,Laundry,Phone Calls.
All expenditures that not mentioned on items above.



Duration  :  7 Days / 6 Nights
Location  :  Tangkoko Nature Reserve,Bogani Nani Wartabone(Dumoga Bone) National Park
(North Sulawesi).
Type of Destination  :  Birding,Eco-tourism.
Type of Accommodation  :  Hotel,Homestay.
Type of Transportation  :  Minibus,boat.
Starting point  : Manado (Capital provincial of North Sulawesi).
Ending Point : Manado.

    Duration  :  7 Days / 6 Nights.
    Location  :  Tangkoko Nature Reserve,Bogani Nani Wartabone(Dumoga    Bone)
    National Park(North Sulawesi).
    Type of Destination  :  Birding,Eco-tourism.
    Type of Accommodation  :  Hotel,Homestay.
    Type of Transportation  :  Minibus(Minivan)boat.
    Starting point  : Manado    (Capital provincial of North Sulawesi).
    Ending Point : Manado.

Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher

    Day  01 : Your arrival at Sam Ratulangi airport Manado,meeting
    service,transfer to Tangkoko Nature Reserve.Afternoon birding,at the
    same time we can see a small mammal on earth(Tarsius) and a group of black    monkey
    Sulawesi(Black Macaca nigra).
    Night at Mama Roos homestay near park.
    (Dinner included).
    Day  02 :  Birding at Tangkoko Nature Reserve.
    We should see endemic species birds of Sulawesi;Green-backed
    Kingfisher,Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher,Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher,Purple-winged
    Roller,Red-backed Thrush,Small and Large Hanging Parrot,Yellow-breasted
    Racquet Tail,Ornate Lorikeet,Yellow and Grey-sided
    Flowerpecker,Sunbirds,Honeyeater and Munia.
    (Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).
    Day  03 :  Birding at Tangkoko NR.
    We will arise early this morning and bird along the coast trail,We may also
    see Spotted Dove,Stephan Dove,Emerald Dove,Brown Cuckoo Dove,Philippine
    Scrubfowl,Blue-backed Parrot,Yellow-billed Malkoha,Hair-crested Drongo,
    Silver-tipped Imperial Pigeon,Knobbed Hornbill,White-necked Munia,Rainbow
    Bee-eater,Sooty-headed Bulbul,Sulawesi Scops Owl,nightjar,etc.
    (Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).

Day  04 :  Birding at Tangkoko NR.
Still birding early morning for seeing tiny birds,with pleasant song,"Sulawesi Babbler
and Whistler", Kingfisher,Red-biled Pitta,Green Pigeon.Afternoon,We will bird along the
coast(Use a boat) for seeing pretty colors of Great-billed Kingfisher and Ruddy
(Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).

    Day  05 :  Tangkoko-Bogani     Nani Wartabone     National Park.
    We will drive early morning down to Doloduo,is a small town near
    Bogani(Dumoga Bone NP).
    It takes 5-7 hours,birding along the way.afternoon birding,We should see
    Maroon-chinned Fruit Dove and Ochre-billed Boobook(Endemic species).
    Night at Tante Min homestay.
    (Dinner,Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner Included).
    Day  06 :  Birding at Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park-Manado.
    Drive early morning to Tambun where we can see Maleo bird and its nesting
    ground,its egg bigger 4 times than hen's egg.We may also see Black-naped
    Monarch,White-necked Myna,Ashy
    Woodpecker,Raptors,Lesser coucal,etc.
    The trip continues,drive away back Manado,check-    in Ritzy Hotel near city.
    (Dinner,Breakfast and Lunch included).
    Day  07 :  Manado-Airport.

    Transfer to the Aiport for destination by Airlines away out of Sulawesi

   The End of Tour

Contacts Us

Includes:Transport, Accommodation,3 Meals per day(Food+Logistic), Donation + permit for the
park, Local English Speaking Bird Guide.

Does not included:
Extra beverages in the hotel,Personal expenses(soft drinks/Alcoholic
drinks),Laundry,Phone calls,Airfare.
All expenditure that not mentioned on items above.


We use a transport,4 Wheel Drive/Jeep during on birding in Lore Lindu National Park.



How to get Manado, Sulawesi;
There is an Internationa Silk Air flight, fly four times a week,Singapore-Manado,Manado-Singapore(Direct Flight).
Domestic Flight from Jakarta,Surabaya or Bali.


Accommodation,Hotel’s facility:

Hot water + Cold Water + Shower                 YES.
Western Style Toilet                                        YES.
Air Conditioning+Freezer in each rooms          YES.
Swimming Pool                                               YES.

Homestay in Lore Lindu National Park,Facility:
Hot Water                                                     NO
(Only Running Tab Water).
Western Style Toilet                                        NO
(Only Indonesian Style Toilet-Basic Squad)
Air Conditioning  + Freezer in each Rooms     NO
Wuasa is a very cold place to stay, it’s 900-1200m from the sea level, so it’s not
necessary an Air Conditioner.

Homestay at Tangkoko Nature Reserve,Facility;
Hot Water + Cold Water                                NO.
Shower + Tab Water                                      YES.
Western Style Toilet                                        YES.
Air Conditioning + Freezer in each rooms        NO.
(Natural Air, Very windy, it’s located along the coast).

Gardenia Resort at Tomohon(Minahasa Highland),Facility:
Hot Water + Cold Water + Shower                YES.
Western Style Toilet                                        YES.
Air Conditioning + Freezer in Each Rooms       YES.
Gardenia Resort has beautiful green garden faced to the view of Volcanic Lokon Mountain.
Tomohon is also a cold place,700-1,200 from the sea level.





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All Avian Photos Contributed By Dr Eric Tan -  Our fellow Nature Photographer -

With Thanks -All copyrights reserve.

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